Can You Literally Sell a Fantasy? (cont'd)

TheThoughtPolicePolice points out that I might have entirely misunderstood the Kia ad I wrote about earlier today:

Think this ad is saying that a Kia is willfully included in the dream world of awesomeness that will never happen. But the Kia could happen.

Hmm … . I see his point and appreciate the different (and probably more accurate) take: “Your dude-dreams contain beautiful girls, crazy rock bands, unhealthy foods and this car. In the real world you can’t have the girls, the bands or the food. But, you can have the car.”

Read that way, the message makes a lot more sense but it still strikes me as a heavy handed attempt to equate their product with your fantasies. The sense that “one of these things is not like the others” comes through … but not in the way they intended.