Crowdfunding Cutting Edge -- Meetup 1

I launched a Meetup group focused on crowdfunding a couple weeks ago and the first event was Monday night at Flavorpill’s offices. (Thanks @jainspotting!)

It was a great and diverse group and I think I managed to speak with almost all of the 30-something people who showed up. There were inventors, developers and non-profit board members contemplating campaigns. There were startup crowdfunding platforms looking to out-maneuver the big boys. There were forward thinkers wondering how the market will evolve in the coming months and years. There were lawyers, real estate investors and graphic designers. In short, there was the seed of a community that will grow and evolve as this brand-new capital market grows and evolves.

Judging by the number of people who suggested that I send out a list of attendees’ contact info (with permission only, naturally), I got the sense that getting this group together in one room has prompted thoughts even beyond the cutting edge.

The next event will be August 28 at Flavorpill’s office and will feature a short presentation by an industry expert. Given that the first event was oversubscribed it’d be a good idea to RSVP early.