Crowdfunding: It Doesn't Just Happen - Rubicon


I found another great crowdfunding post-mortem, this one from a video game developer Wick Perry in Portland, OR.

Basic stats:

  • Platform: Kickstarter
  • Goal/Pledges/Backers: $2000/$5215/278
  • Duration: 30 days


  • Wick came up with a great reward for the $16 donor level: That group’s names became cheat codes in the game. This is a great reward because it has the characteristics of a great gift: Personal, novel and enduring.
  • About 6,000 people pressed ‘play’ on his pitch video and about 10% of those people watched it all the way through. Of the people who watched to the end, 50% donated. Clearly we can’t tell the extent to which watching to the end caused the person to donate but it seems likely that there’s probably some impact from getting people to make it all the way through your video.
  • Wick suggested setting up the payment account (where your fundraised money will be wired to) early in the process in order to avoid problems later on when you are owed and actually need the cash to perform.