I Thought I Was the Only One!

Having been out of the country when Spotify-mania first hit, I am late getting to the extremely cheap music party. Now that I’m at here I’ve been finding myself playing the same “Top Tracks” over and over again as I hustle from one meeting to the next. While my musical knowledge and imagination are not growing, it’s been a good soundtrack. 

Among the Top Tracks, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” has been a favorite, possibly because my fiancee and I met cute on the subway and the song reminds me of that once in a lifetime moment. Nevertheless, I’ve felt some shame in this joy given how deeply fun and pop-y the song is, sure that it was the kind of song that, if discovered on a playlist, could destroy the street cred of a person who has street cred.

Apparently, I’ve also been living under a rock because CRJ’s CMM is an internet sensation. Pop stars love it. NPR is deconstructing it. And it’s been declared the song of the summer.

So, now I’m out.