Indistinguishable from magic

It’s rare to see jaws drop at enterprise tech demos but that was more or less what happened at last week’s New York Enterprise Technology meetup when iRise demoed StudioMX, which lets you create “incredibly realistic simulations of iPhone apps without writing code”.

Over the course of ten minutes, nimble fingered Eli Bozeman created a working mock up of a hypothetical Kayak iphone app right before our very eyes. Sure, he had done a bunch of work beforehand — getting art set up and so on — and has clearly had a lot of practice but it was astounding nonetheless.

Similarly astounding: There is a (somewhat stripped down) free version. Having worked with developers and designers on creating a super-simple website and having encountered the miscommunications, snafus and delays that are endemic to the process I can’t see how any semi-serious developer would not learn this system and make it part of their work process. I can already see the really bold ones incorporating iRise into their pitches.