Ouya -- Still killing it

When I last wrote about Ouya, they had absolutely killed it in the first couple days of their campaign and had raised $3.8 million from 30,000 backers. I noted at the time that their massive success was not a fluke and, instead, was the result of a professionally run marketing and messaging campaign.

Well, with 12 days left in the campaign the Ouya team is continuing to kill it. They’re up to to $5.7 million and almost 44,000 backers. While the insanity of the early days has clearly died down they’re avoiding the mid-campaign flatlining that’s typical of most campaigns.

And how are they doing this? The clearest answer is updates, updates, updates. They’ve done six so far.

  • Update 1: The “Can you believe what we’ve done together” thank you post. Critical for everyone from the juggernaut to the glorified friends and family. Remember, the key is creating a sense of community and explicitly sharing the success of your campaign with the backers is a great way to do this.
  • Update 2: Real-time update on the product itself and teaser about new rewards.
  • Update 3: Introduction to a critical team member. Sharing the success with the product team is a pretty canny move given that Ouya’s backers probably skew tech-y.
  • Update 4: Introduction of first game. Definitely a tweet-able tidbit.
  • Update 5: Quirk. A birthday message and a branded giveaway. Increasing the sense of intimacy between the campaign and the backers plus an easy trojan horse messaging opportunity.
  • Update 6: Another update on the product itselfwith images and a critical strategic partner. Again, both are easily shared tidbits.

The moral of this story is that the campaign has continued to engage and enlarge their community by periodically doling out share-able updates. Keep up the good work!

The other moral of this story is that successful crowdfunding requires a level of sophistication that SeizeTheCrowd is trying to provide to everyone.