Scott Britton's lifehack class will change your life

Last week I went to a great lifehack Skillshare class taught by Scott Britton of SinglePlatform. Even if you don’t care about how to get free coffee from Starbucks and have no position in the credit card points vs. miles debate, I strongly suggest taking this class. There were lots of great tips and I won’t steal Scott’s thunder by giving out specifics but I think I can boil a lot of it down to a couple general principles.

  • Any sort of success takes consistent hard work: As with marketing campaigns, which I wrote about last month, success comes from sustained effort over time, not from one killer retweet.
  • Consistent hard work takes discipline: Some of Scott’s strongest lifehacks were ways to reinvigorate flagging discipline.
  • Discipline and willpower must be conserved whenever possible: Scott had great suggestions on how to limit the number of things in your day that you need be disciplined about so that you can expend that energy on the things that matter.

Scott is a perfect example of my “it’s no coincidence that he/she is so successful”. He’s figured out how to systematize creating true and sincere connections with people and uses that skill to his own and his entire network’s advantage. Go to this class.