The occasional payoff

As I’ve written before, the past few months have been heavily focused on developing relationships with lots of new people; which is to say, I’ve been networking.

While the networking effort has been semi-focused with respect to industry, it’s been free-form and agenda-less with respect to specific people. For the most part I have followed relationship threads wherever they led and have headed into each meeting or networking event with the goal of learning, generally, as opposed to trying to find a specific opportunity. I’ve been the recipient of a huge number of small and large non-transactional favors and have tried to return these when and as I could. It’s been an exhausting, luxurious and fun experience and I owe a great deal of thanks to my parents, my future in-laws and Emma for giving me the space to do this semi-academic work.

Lately, however, there’s been a shift. Interesting business concepts have bubbled up, intriguing partnerships have emerged and opportunities to tap my newly developed network have appeared. It’s still early days and nothing has paid off just yet but it seems apparent to me that I’ve entered a new phase in the process.

I’ve tried to be conscious throughout this process and think that recognizing this subtle but significant shift will help me re-focus and re-prioritize.