Why it Worked: Bicycle Frame Handle

Today’s crowdfunding campaign review: The Bicycle Frame Handle (h/t: VentureBeat)

Basic Stats:

  • Platform: Kickstarter
  • Goal/Pledges/Backers: $3,500/$19,584/513
  • Best reward: $275 —> 12 handles for $23 a piece (encouraging retailers to buy wholesale)

Beyond having a good product this campaign did a lot of things well:

  • Short and sweet video. They were, of course, aided by the fact that the product is super-simple but a less confident campaign would’ve felt the need to pad it. Had all the critical elements: Personality, clear demonstration of the value, good but not overly slick production value. Not much time spent addressing about obvious questions/objections but I suspect that’s because the product is pretty transparent and doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
  • Solidly written copy. As with the video they accepted that there’s not really much to write about the product … and they wisely didn’t fight that fact.
  • Clean photography. Part of why they didn’t need a lot of copy is because the photos told the story. Also, the art makes the product read as “hip” but not intimidating.
  • Semi-regular updates, with lots of thanks and exclamation points. This is where the community element came out.